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Our professional video services team will not only help you create custom videos, but will also migrate them online or into formats suitable for portable devices.

Whatever your business objective, whether it is product marketing, a message from the CEO, or sales training, Madison Productions can help bring your vision to the web.

For example, Madison Productions can enable you to take workplace training videos to the next level. Not only will the videos be readily accessible online, but they can also include:
  • Scenario based role-play: use a short scene to model ideal behavior in any situation. Learners can watch a specific skill carried out by an expert;
  • Check for understanding: videos can include short quizzes to test for competency;
  • Enhanced learner engagement: maximize interactivity with “hotspots” or video stops where the learner must perform an action to demonstrate engagement and comprehension.

Thanks to new technologies, video training has advanced from passive absorption to interactive participation in the media experience and immediate delivery via the Internet.

As well as filming and repurposing existing video, Madison Productions can add interactivity to video to increase its instructional value. We can integrate Flash programming to create a user experience that is engaging and interactive. Our editing team can combine video with slides and learning exercises or mini-games to best fit your objectives.

“The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible.”
-Arthur C. Clarke
About Us video production post production Media Services video for web Portfolio contact us
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