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At Madison Productions, we take the raw materials of sound and motion and transform them into something special with effective and dynamic editing. With a nonlinear video editing suite and a dedicated DVD authoring suite, Madison Production’s experienced editing team has the on-site resources to create powerful motion picture tools.  

The post-production process at Madison Productions has three stages:

  1. Video Editing: We put together the raw material from the video shoots, including photography, video, music, voice-over narration, acted scenarios, and on-camera hosts.
  2. Motionography: We add animated logos, animated transition elements, and special visual effects. Motionography can be animating graphs and charts to articulate marketing strategies, or motionography can mean incorporating staff interviews within a virtual environment to elucidate a corporate message.
  3. DVD Authoring: We create the interactivity for all the elements. This can include interactive menus for DVDs or multilingual tracks and subtitling.

We use the following editing software to guarantee a dynamic final output:

  • After Effects
  • Compressor
  • DVD Studio Pro
  • BitVice
  • Final Cut Pro
  • Photoshop

Contact us to find out more about our video post-production services.

“Inspiration and genius--one and the same.”
-Victor Hugo
About Us video production post production Media Services video for web Portfolio contact us
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